Bare Metal Cloud

Powerful, dedicated, raw computing power
The workhorse of the cloud
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Bare Metal Computing from vXtream

Secure single tenancy, no overallocation, flexible, fully configurable and controlled by you. Tier 1 hardware and connectivity, rapidly and expertly deployed in our world leading datacentres.
Raw Computing

Single-tenant physical server’s resources for your unique workloads – no sharing! No noisy neighbours! Totally uncontended raw computing power.

Compute Intensive Applications

No workload is too big. Flexible, scalable, compute resources on demand. Keep your compute costs under control by paying for resources as and when you use them.


Choice of server flavours, flex as your compute needs change, hypervisor level access – scalable. The best hardware – racked and ready – from the world’s brand leaders. Guaranteed.

Dedicated Computing Resource

Secure single tenancy, no overallocation, flexible, fully configurable and controlled by you. Direct root access to 100% of your server resources, eliminate lag potential, enjoy the raw full power of your server.


Spin up Bare Metal servers within minutes. Fully racked and ready for use. Totally flexible and scaleable solution for on demand computing needs.  Utilise and decomission when no longer needed, paying only for the resources you use.


Big Data? No problem. Maximum security, power and performance for resource hungry and demanding applications, built on the latest technology, with enterprise-grade Tier 1 hardware, with no shared resources between multiple cores.

Over 20 year of expertise at your service.

We know your industry, we understand the technology and can help you with your strategy, architecture and implementation. Enjoy a highly personalised service experience focused on achieving your objectives.
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Dedicated Bare Metal Power and Performance

Our Bare Metal servers, fully racked and ready for instant provisioning, give you full uncontended power and control. Simply select the spec to meet your computing needs – from a choice of enterprise grade hardware, RAM, processor and storage options – chose your operating system and install your applications and fire up.

With root access, no shared resources between cores, you have total uncontended power, guaranteeing performance.

Totally flexible and cost effective as you only pay for the resources you consume, you can scale up or down as your workloads change.

Pay As You Go
With bare metal servers you only pay for the resources you use. There are no upfront fees or contracts. Start and stop the service as your needs demand with actual usage charged on a monthly basis.
Demands Increase? Simply reconfigure your bare metal server with higher spec CPU, RAM and storage to build a flexible, scalable server environmnet to meet your exact needs.

“Our bare metal cloud offers the security, control and performance of dedicated servers in an on-demand model. It’s the perfect solution for extending your infrastructire seamlessly and cost effectively.”

Edward St Pierre
Head of Operations at vXtream


Configure Bare Metal Cloud Servers

Gain up 60% performance gain and 27% increase in cores with the First and Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Processor family.

Built with enterprise grade HP hardware, our Bare Metal Servers deliver the latest in security, performance and expandability, whilst reducing cost and complexity, and all backed by a comprehensive service guarantees.


From £295PER MONTH
  • An awesome general purpose compute box
    with 10 high performance cores
  • Intel® Xeon® Silver 4210
  • 10-Core @ 2.2 GHz / 3.2 GHz Boost
  • Optional 2nd CPU
  • Memory 64 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Max Memory 3 TB RAM
  • Storage 2 x 960 GB SSD
  • Max Storage Bays 8 HDDs
  • Network 4 x 1Gbps Ports


from £749PER MONTH
  • A scalable high performance box with the perfect balance of cores,
    RAM and storage. Ideal for virtualization
  • Intel® Xeon® Gold 5218
  • 16-Cores 2.3 GHz / 3.9 GHz Boost
  • Optional 2nd CPU
  • Memory 128 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Max Memory 3 TB RAM
  • Storage 5 x 1.92 TB SSD
  • Max Storage Bays 8 HDDs
  • Network 2 x 10Gbps Ports + 4 x 1Gbps Ports


What Operating Systems can I install?

With Bare Metal Servers you have full root access giving you the freedom of choice of the latest Windows or Linux operating systems.

Can I add upgrade the memory of my server?

Yes. Simply login into your myVXTREAM portal and configure the server to meet your computing needs.

How is bandwidth charged?

Its inclusive. We will provide you with an unmetered connection supplying you with continuous bandwidth each month without any worry of over use.

Can I bring my own IP addresses?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your domain and IP services.

What hardware do you deploy?

All our Bare Metal servers are HPe DL380 Gen10s with second generation Intel Xeon (Cascade Lake) Scaleable Processors with sustained all-core Turbo boost.

How can I pay?

You are billed for the services that you use at the end of each month.

Global Data Centres

vXtream offers data centre infrastructure in 6 Global Locations, including London, New York, Zurich and Marseille. Our flexible around the clock data centre services include racks, self-contained PODS and secure sages, and all protected by the latest biometric security controls.

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Capital Connections

We’ve been serving our clients from our Goswell Road HQ, in the heart of London’s tech and financial district for over 20 years. London is one of the world’s busiest connectivity hubs, so we’re perfectly placed to provide our customers with high speed secure connections to the world’s leading Tier 1 national and international carriers.

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Predictable Costs

We’ve spent the past twenty years exclusively honing and refining our services, infrastructure and compute costs to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service at a price they can afford – without sacrificing quality or performance. No hidden surprises or catches, just simple penalty free, predictable pricing.

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