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Accelerate your multi-cloud journey with world’s most widely deployed cloud infrastructure.
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vXtream & VMware… the perfect partnership

VMware Cloud from vXtream enables businesses of all sizes to build agile, robust, and flexible enterprise grade cloud services.
Fully Managed VMware

Private or virtualised environments fully supported 24 x7 by our accredited VMware experts. High availability on all virtual machines backed with our industry leading Service Level Guarantees.

Private Environments

Customised and dedicated hardware delivering high compute and network performance. Fully scalable to meet the most demanding workloads helping you reduce time to market, operational costs, whilst delivering innovative  services.

Cloud Agility

All the benefits of cloud computing from dedicated environments with global deployment options. Manage both container-based and traditional VM-based workloads on a single platform. You gain all the benefits of cloud-native services without needing significant change.

Cost Control

One of cloud computing’s major strengths is the ability to spin up compute resources on demand, the downside is that costs can quickly escalate. vXtream can help you implement a cloud cost management strategy enabling you to plan for future costs and consumption with confidence.

No Contention Guaranteed

At vXtream we guarantee maximum performance by offering every client uncontended connectivity as standard. No sharing, no throttling, no latency – just pure fibre power at blistering speeds – giving you guaranteed reliability and up-time.

vXtream Service

It is all about you. Everything from creating service plans, architecting solutions, assisting your people when they need it, helping your business to work more effectively today to ensure it performs even better in the future. Very few do this, and even fewer have been doing it as long as we have.

Multi Region Platform

vXtream offers a high-density, multi-tenancy, plug and play VMware platform across four distinct geographic locations to meet your specific data residency and compliance requirements. Our VMware platform guards against unplanned service interruptions and downtime by delivering optimal redundancy, and of course is fully supported by our 100% availability guarantees.

Microsoft Licencing

We offer Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server instances for rapid deployment on VMware, guaranteeing you the latest Microsoft software versions with no upfront investment in licences.

SSD Storage

Built for perfomance. Solid State Drive storage can significantly improve the speed of workloads with high I/O requests, such as ecommerce, newsites or bespoke mission critical applications with high database calls. SSD helps pages load faster, ideal for SEO, and reduces end user frustrations – a real competitive advantage. And at vXtream you buy with the confidence of knowing that we only use Enterprise grade Data Centre SSDs – for performance, quality and security.

“Our VMware architecture ensures that all memory, CPU, network, and storage resources are dedicated and isolated from one client to another within the cloud, providing the performance and security guarantees that business needs today.”

Edward St Pierre
Head of Operations at vXtream
Managed Service

Cloud is the new operating model for IT, but it creates new challenges. Do you go public, private or a combination of both – the hybrid model? The answer is that there is no ‘one size’ fits all cloud. You need to determine your business goals and then find the most effective cloud solution to help you meet them. We’re here to help.

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vXtream Support

Our reputation has been built upon delivering a level of support and customer service that is unrivalled. Unlike others, we don’t believe in the Gold, Silver, Bronze approach to support. Every single vXtream client receives Platinum support when they need it, how they need it and as often as they need it.

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Professional Services

Our reputation has been built upon delivering a level of support and customer service that is unrivalled. Unlike others, we don’t believe in the Gold, Silver, Bronze approach to support. Every single vXtream client receives Platinum support when they need it, how they need it and as often as they need it.

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“Developing in the cloud enables businesses to get their applications to market quickly and this gives them a real competitive advantage over competitors who have to devote more time to managing infrastructure..”

Ed St Pierre
Head of Operations at vXtream

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vXtream VMware vCloud in Switzerland

In addition to our cloud zones in London, Slough and New York, our high performance vXtream VMware vCloud is available in Zurich, Switzerland.

We have been providing our Swiss, UK and other global customers with VMware vCloud services from our Zurich data centre for almost ten years where we hold the ISO 27001 Security Certification. Our Swiss network peers at SwissIX, the largest Swiss Internet Exchange Point.

Switzerland is a world leader in banking, finance and luxury goods and and has a longstanding tradition of  security and confidentiality. Whilst Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, all data stored in Switzerland is protected by the EU’s GDPR. EU rules also allow for data to be transferred freely between the EU and Switzerland if required. All data stored in Switzerland is also protected by the FADP (Federal Act on Data Protection, 1992), which protects the privacy and the fundamental rights of a person when their data is processed. Our Swiss Cloud offers a compelling solution in a post-Brexit world.

vXtream offers a local VMware integrated VEEAM Cloud Connect backup service with all data stored in our Zurich data centre.

Rest assured, all of your data stored in our Swiss VMware vCloud and Cloud Connect backup services resides in Switzerland, all of the time.


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What Operating Systems are Supported?

Linux Variants: CentOS, Debian & Ubuntu.

Can I upgrade my resources?

Yes CPU, Memory and Storage resources can all be upgraded.

Can I upgrade my resources?

Yes, please speak with a member of our team for further information.

Can I setup a site-to-site VPN?

Yes, the service fully supports site to site and user based VPNs

What is VMware Cloud?

VMware Cloud integrates the complete stack of VMware suite of virtualisation technologies vSphere (compute), vSAN (storage), NSX (network), and vRealize (management and monitoring) into one software-defined data centre platform, which can be deployed in a hybrid cloud approach either on-premises or in the public cloud.

What are the main benefits of VMware hybrid cloud?

You can scale services to fit your exact needs, customise your applications and access cloud services from any internet connected device. This means that you can get your applications to market quickly, without time lag and worrying about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance. 



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