vXtream Ransomware Protection

Ransomware paralyses public and private enterprises globally. The World Economic Forum lists cyberattacks in the top 10 global risks in terms of the likelihood of occurrence and impact.


When ransomware strikes

Hackers encrypt an organization’s data, making that data inaccessible. To obtain the encryption key, the victim pays a ransom, often in a hard-to-trace crypto-currency such as Bitcoin.

Malware Defences Ineffective

Traditional malware defences often priove ineffective as ransomware works by encrypting the user’s data rendering the source data and backup data useless.

Best Line of Defence is Backup

Attacks can strike even the best-prepared, making it essential to mitigate the effects of a successful breach. However, the best line of defence is at the storage layer, where the data is written.

The Solution

The solution includes S3 Object Lock, a feature that protects data at the storage system level. With Object Lock, data cannot be deleted or changed for a set period of time. Because it cannot be changed, ransomware cannot encrypt it. Data is protected and ransomware is kept out.


Object Lock

Object Lock (WORM – Write Once Read Many) protects backup copies from encryption by ransomware. Worm storage puts a retention lock on data so that it can only be written to once and cannot be modified.


Immutable file system

Implementing an immutable file system with underlying WORM storage will make the system watertight from a ransomware protection perspective.


Assured Restore

Fast backup and recovery with local, disk-based storage. Due to the peer-to-peer, distributed storage system, workload is shared across all devices in the cluster. To further ensure fast recovery performance, the solution supports recovery directly from HyperStore without the need to rehydrate an
intermediate storage tier.



Certified Data Immutability

Object Lock feature is verified in government certification testing, and is certified compliant with the non-rewriteable and non-erasable storage requirements of SEC Rule 17a-4(f) and CFTC Rule 1.31(c)-(d).

Veeam Certified

The storage solution is Veeam certified. Veeam native support for the S3 API via the Cloud Tier enables seamless integration with the HyperStore.

VMware Integrated

The solution integrates and scales seamlessly with VMware Cloud Director via the VMware Object Storage Extension.

In the Top 10 list of most-likely global risks according to the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report, 2019
Percent of US organisations surveyed that opted to pay a ransom after being hit with a successful cyberattack
Percent of US organisations that paid a ransom but were never given access to their data
Ransomware attacks on businesses every day
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