vXtream Private Cloud

A fully hosted and managed private cloud guaranteeing dedicated compute resources to meet the most demanding requirements.
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The easier way to meet your regulatory compliance requirements.

Private cloud combines all the benefits of cloud computing but with the added security and control of on-premises IT infrastructure.
Full Control

A vXtream private cloud gives you the security and peace of mind of a dedicated compute environment with isolated network, compute and storage layers. An environment that provides you with total control.

Fully Customisable

A private cloud gives the flexibility and scale to vary your compute requirements to meet your individual requirements. With a dedicated private cloud environment there is no limit to your hardware capability, simply allocate your CPU and memory resources as you need, so you can keep scaling up or down as workloads demand.

Guaranteed Availability

Our best-of-breed, fully redundant network ensures your business will remain online, 100% of the time, backed up by our enterprise class SLA’s. No vendor tie in, no long term commitments and no need to invest in spare hardware or capacity – you flex your services as you require them.

Secure & Compliant

A private cloud environment can help your organisation do more at a faster pace but with total visibility and control over your sensitive data. vXtream gives you the critical security controls to manage policy, maintain agility and prove compliance.

24×7 vXtream Support

Always on Services demand Always on Support and that’s what we offer at vXtream. We’ve over 20 years of hosting and data centre experience, and our cloud specialists are available for you when you need them – regardless of the time of day.

Total Performance

Using direct uncontended connections to your mission-critical apps and data via a vXtream private cloud bypasses the potential hazards offered by shared resources in public clouds.  With no other customers on the same hardware you’re guaranteed all the CPU power on your dedicated compute hosts delivering optimum performance.

vXtream Private Cloud
Scalable, High Availability, Totally Secure
dedicated to you.

The ultimate in security, compliance and dedicated resources. All the agility, scalability and efficiency benefits of cloud, but with the greater levels of control and security of a single-tenant, dedicated environment.
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vXtream Private Cloud

vXtream’s dedicatd single-tenant private cloud solutions are totally secure, flexible, resilient and hosted within our own secure data centre estate.

With computing layer separation, a private cloud presents an ideal solution for mission critical workloads that demand the highest levels of security, compliance and data sovereignty requirements.

The vXtream private cloud solution is delivered on VMware virtual machines, enabling easy integration of internal and external systems, such as public cloud, providing you with a hybrid cloud solution, without losing the security features of a dedicated cloud.


24 x 7 Cloud Support & Expertise
Cloud is fast becoming the defacto model for IT services, but it creates new challenges. Do you go public, private or a combination of both – the hybrid model? The simple answer is that there is no ‘one size’ fits all cloud.
You will need to determine your business goals and find the most effective cloud solution to help you hit them.
We’re here to help you every step of the way. Our certified technicians are available to advise, plan and implement the solution that best meets your need – 24×7.

“A private cloud offers organisations more control as resources are not shared with others, giving higher levels of privacy and enhanced security.”

Agustín López Castaño
Cloud Manager at vXtream


What is a private cloud?

Private cloud is a cloud infrastructure built entirely to meet the specific and sole needs of an organisation, which is hosted natively on or off premise. A private cloud delivers on reliability and security, and is perfect for predictable and normal enterprise workloads.

Does having a private cloud mean exclusion from public or hybrid clouds?

No, but it comes down to having the correctly built private cloud that makes moving to hybrid easy. You’ll need to consider backup and effortless application management in private and public clouds (without retooling or reworking). If you’re unsure please contact us, we’re here to help.

Which applications and workloads are commonly run on private cloud as opposed to public?

Private clouds are commonly used for predictable workloads, and public clouds for the support of unpredictable workloads. It is estimated that  predictable workloads form the majority of a businesses compute requirements, and that running these workloads in a public cloud environment, compared with private, can double the costs.

What use cases suit a Private Cloud?

A private cloud is an ideal solution in any of the following use cases:

  • High availibity of mission critical compute services
  • The protection of sensitive information
  • Meeting compliance, data sovereignty and disaster recovery requirements
  • Supporting legacy and in house developed systems
  • Test/dev environments and application development
Can I migrate my existing services?

Yes. vXtream offers a comprehensive migration and transfer service, backed by service level guarantees, that it cost effective, efficient and avoids downtime and business disruption.

How can I pay?

vXtream billing is both simple and fully transparent – no hidden suprises guaranteed. You pay monthly, via invoice, for the services provided during the period. We call it predictable billing.

One Cloud to suit them all?

Cloud is the new operating model for IT, but it creates new challenges. Do you go public, private or a combination of both – the hybrid model? The simple answer is that there is no ‘one size’ fits all cloud. You will need to determine your business goals and find the most effective solution to help you achieve them. We’re here to help you on every step of your cloud journey.

Predictable Costs

We’ve spent the past twenty years exclusively honing and refining our services, infrastructure and compute costs to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service at a price they can afford – without sacrificing quality or performance. No hidden surprises or catches, just simple penalty free, predictable pricing.

Total Migration. Zero Disruption

Worried about migrating your data services? vXtream offers fully managed seamless, safe, secure migrations designed to deliver 100% satisfaction with 0% disruption. Our data experts will work with you, using best industry practice techniques, taking care of the entire end to end migration process from strategy to implementation.

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