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Sep 20
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Jul 11
Zero Trust uncharted film

Charting a course through Zero Trust

Much of the plot of the recent film Uncharted, based upon the video game franchise of the same name, revolves around the level of zero trust that the central characters have in each other. The plot involves a couple of treasure hunters setting out on an adventure across the globe... read more →
Jun 21
metaverse or metahype

Metaverse or Metahype?

Given the rebrand of Facebook to Meta in November 2021 and the subsequent hype, you might be forgiven for thinking that the term Metaverse was invented by Mark Zuckerberg but it actually predates this event by nearly 30 years. The term originates from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow... read more →
May 22
Apr 04
data flow

Hands across the pond

U.S. President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen have announced that the U.S. and EU have reached a new trans-Atlantic data flow agreement in principle, following months of negotiations by officials on either side of the Atlantic. The deal, details of which have yet to be... read more →
Feb 03
Wars without Frontiers. Ukraine crisis leads to heightened threat of cyber attack

War without Frontiers

World prepares for cyber-attacks as Ukraine conflict intensifies Whilst it is to be hoped that the heightened tensions between Russia and the Ukraine can be resolved diplomatically and quickly, it is believed that the first warning shots have already been fired. On the 14 January 2022, 70 Ukrainian government websites... read more →
Dec 09
AWS Suffers major outage causing internet chaos

Hello….can you hear me?

Major AWS outage hits major sites from Adele tickets to Disney+ From Black Friday to Black Tuesday, from the excitement of thousands of transactions a second to well…nothing. Tuesday (7th) witnessed one of the largest outages of recent times as AWS (Amazon Web Services) suffered major problems with its US-East-1... read more →
Nov 17
COP26 Climate activists in Glasgow

COP26 or COP Out?

So that’s the end of another COP, COP26 to be precise. The event where the world’s leaders descended on Glasgow to attempt to reach agreement on actions that will limit global warming - the rising of the earth’s temperature – by a maximum of a further 1.5C by 2030. Depending... read more →
Oct 12
Cloud Forests and Cloud computing

Ahead in the Clouds

The Need to Green the Data Centre Play a game of word association and if the words ‘Cloud’ and ‘Amazon’ were used, it’s quite probable that ‘Computing’ and ‘Retail/Ecommerce’ would be the first things we’d think of. And yet, if we were honest, how many of us would connect the... read more →