Security Overview

Ransomware paralyses public and private enterprises globally.

vXtream Security services

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and increasingly complex, and most companies don’t have the cyber security tools and capacity in-house to keep security measures up-to-date. Because it’s easier than ever for hackers to initiate an attack, organizations now experience increased risk and higher levels of uncertainty. Subsequently, breaches and successful attacks can cost companies millions — not to mention the harm to your brand’s reputation.

Our portfolio of cyber security solutions consists of a variety of services designed to meet all of your company’s needs. They’re also customizable to your specific requirements and provide detailed notifications, reporting, and dashboards. We help you choose the best solution, tailored specifically for the cyber security threats your organization faces.

Endpoint Protection

Protect against Malware, Ransomware, exploits and viruses. Our Sophos powered Intercept X Advanced solution integrates powerful endpoint detection and response (EDR) with the industry’s top-rated endpoint protection. Built for both IT security operations and threat hunting, Intercept X detects and investigates suspicious activity with AI-driven analysis.

Managed Threat Detection

Centralised security monitoring solution for your critical IT assets across cloud environments and in the data centre, including endpoints, networks, and cloud apps, to help you achieve security visibility while avoiding the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple security products.

DDoS Mitigation

With scrubbing capacity of 85+ Tbps, automatic detection and response with Rapid Threat Defense stops DDoS bot traffic at the network level.

Next Generation Firewalls

vXtream offers next-generation firewall solutions from our partners Palo Alto, Cisco, Fortinet and Juniper.


Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

vXtream offers WAF solutions that protects hosted web applications and API from attacks that target known and unknown exploits. Using machine learning to model each application, WAFs defend applications from known vulnerabilities and zero-day threats.

Ransomware Prevention

The best line of defence against Ransomware is at the storage layer, where the data is written. S3 Object Lock, enables customers to make backup data copies immutable and, therefore, invulnerable to hacker encryption or deletion. Data immutability ensures the availability of an uninfected copy for reliable recovery in the event of a ransomware attack.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scans are designed to test your systems for known security weaknesses that are susceptible to exploitation. Once identified these weaknesses can be quickly patched and appropriate mitigation put in place

Penetration Testing

vXtream offers Next Generation Penetration Testing which combines and enhances all the positives of Manual Penetration Testing and Automated Vulnerability Scanning, eliminates any of the negatives of both and then layers effective remediation management over the top.

One-Time Password Tokens

Passwords alone don’t keep unwanted guests out of your network. Secure your network with an easy-to-manage, easy-to-use Two-Factor Authentication solution.

The stakes are higher. Time to raise your game.

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