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Nov 17
COP26 Climate activists in Glasgow

COP26 or COP Out?

So that’s the end of another COP, COP26 to be precise. The event where the world’s leaders descended on Glasgow to attempt to reach agreement on actions that will limit global warming - the rising of the earth’s temperature – by a maximum of a further 1.5C by 2030. Depending... read more →
Oct 12
Cloud Forests and Cloud computing

Ahead in the Clouds

The Need to Green the Data Centre Play a game of word association and if the words ‘Cloud’ and ‘Amazon’ were used, it’s quite probable that ‘Computing’ and ‘Retail/Ecommerce’ would be the first things we’d think of. And yet, if we were honest, how many of us would connect the... read more →
Aug 25

Banana Loaves, box sets and Joe Wicks

Pandemic drives expansion of European Data Centre Market Whether we home-schooled, worked from home, kept ourselves connected, fit or active, internet access has been vital for us as we’ve navigated the devasting impact of the pandemic. With some providers reporting data traffic increases of 60% on their networks since early... read more →
Aug 08
Jul 12
Independence Day ransomware attacks US

REvil’ing in Independence Day Weekend Woes

The 4th July is traditionally the day that we reach out to family and friends across ‘the pond’ and wish them a Happy Independence Day. The national holiday, marked by patriotic displays, commemorates the Declaration of Independence of the United States, on July 4, 1776, when the Continental Congress declared... read more →
Jun 25
FCUK suffers ransomware attack

Well and truly FCUK’d

It appears that this season’s best collection comprises companies held to ransom by cybercrime group REvil, the latest addition being fashion retailer French Connection. Originally founded in 1972 as a women's fashion brand, and famed for its FCUK slogan, the company has expanded into a global retailer and wholesaler of... read more →
May 24
May 12
May 06

Hybrid Cloud meet Hybrid Working

This week Google confirmed it expects around 20 percent of its employees to work from home, with 60 percent meeting their teams in the office a few days a week, validating the view that the new ‘norm’ for working post pandemic will be a hybrid home/office model. This is further... read more →